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Its it that time Again!? EF16

....It seams that way amigos.

As u may notice, i dont tent to ever update this mad world of live journals, mostly coz i never have anything else to say unless its Art, EF or Boardroom related.

So As i do Ever year, Its time fo my 2010 Update and Announce once more that i will be heading to the Wonderful and MAHUSSIVE Euro Con that is Eurofurence. 

This year is of course Serengeti/ EFrica!! Love it!
There's going to be Lion king spoofs Floating all over the place, just a shame my lion amigo, Kanoa couldn't make it.

This year I'll once again be taking Senka lupita (AKA: the Shadow wolf suit) with me, and This time its a full suit! YAY!
Bodysuit is being created by the awesome Pickle, as well as a new tail and footpaws. So Look out im gonna be running about like mad once more.

I will also be Bringing over some of my latest artwork with me, as its to be displayed and for sale up in the Art show. All Will be Original paintings, some on Canvas as well as framed. Plus the odd Adult image will be added into the mix this year. 

Now its all good talking about the convention, but we can't forget the Epic Adventure that will begin before it even Starts!
IT will be the 3rd year for the Fur Ball run, from the UK to EF. This year with a possibility of 20+ Mad motofurs Taking over the roads to the Con. So keep a look out for the Cars with the safari stickers and the Fur ball run Logos, and hive us a Beep if ya see us.
vinyls artwork designed by myself and wonderfully Organised by AK-Akita and Jasper Foxx.

So Who here Will be On there way to The new shiny Hotel?
What are you looking forward too the most?
Are u also unease by the idea of all that shiny glass and high balcony as i am?
(I can see quite a lot of plushies falling down from the sky in the hotel coz of there add. lol)

I'd love to here your opinions and perhaps your expectations for the con.

Not long to go now.

Shadow's EF 15 Review !!!

WOW ..Just WoW!
What a Blast it was, Even if i did annoy the Akita with my random Outburst of moaning about odd stuff.
It was My 1st time In the Art Show and also i forgot to pack a few things which i got pissed of with myself for...But I manage to sell a few things and Will learn from my Noobness for the next year.
...Anyways Enough about Me more about the Epic Con that is Eurofurence 15, My 2nd time going and I Really am missing the madness of it already.

My Holiday started Slightly early as i was apart of the Epic FurBall Run 2009, The Awesome Furry Convoy Traveling From Maidstone (UK) To the Wonderful town of Shul To party at EF15! We might have not made it possible this year with the Akita's..er...lack of Driving Licence, but Luckily the Wonderful hushhusky Made it possible by driving AK's Pac Mobile.

Once we all arrived safely at the Ringberg Hotel (early arrival) You might have seen myself (in suit) entering the doors relay To take are bags to our room and then party!
It was Lovely to see so many furends there, old and new.

The Awesome stripekazama Gave me an Awesome T-shirt saying "Shadow-Drunk but Awesome" Thank you so much for that.

Also Thank you for all the mountain Dew! Meyou, Strip and Not to forget the Mountain Dude who was the most awesome next door fur ever! Even on the very last day There was tones of Dew all Over the Hotel.

Also Im sure you've herd the sad news that It was EF's last time at being at the Ringberg hotel :(.
After a Amazing perfumance brought by the pawpet show, which was extremely emotional, funny and Exiting to watch. There Final Goodbye to the Ringburg was announced and shared with everyone. Including a lovely good bye video (after a few technical difficulties were corrected, lol) For the staff as well as many gifts from a massive peace of paper that attendees got to make there farewells (including my own) and a lovely EF Certificate and trophy for all there hard work over the few years. I've only been there twice but it its amazed me how they put us with the madness of the furry fandom, and so for that im going to miss them. I'v already looked at the next Hotel and Boy dose it look scearly posh!

Next years theme is already planed and ready, so its now time for me to start Opening commissions again and save up for the Serengeti! Woot! There going to be Soooo much lion king homage there i can tell! woot!

Glad to say that this years Furball run went smoothly and luckily we had not Accidents this year, lets hope to keep it that way too, lol.
There will hopeful Be a Furball Run FA Page soon for any info needed for next years even...Next year is themed too. muhahaha...those who signed up for the British army you know who you are!! muhahaha!

So Thank you To all, thank you to all the Artist who made beautiful artwork for me, and Many many thanks To everyone who was there having a Good time Partying with me! Hope to see you all next year, On the Furball run 2010 and EF16!!

I want to see lots of images and footage spamming You tube and FA! If ya took pics of me in suit i would love to see them so give me a shout, lol.
Update much needed. Its a sunday and im board out of my little brian ^_^

Talk to me furs! Who out of you lovley lot are joining me at EF this year! Please comment as i love to chatt too. Whats everyone taking witht them?
You got any Arabain costumes ready? Or have you got somthing difrent?

*hugs all and drinks her coffee*
Poll #1444626 Eurofuence 15!!!!!!!!! (im going are you?)

Are you coming to EF15?

Yus i got my magic carpet ready!
No, The genie stole my money!
Maybe...if my camel doesn't run out of fuel!
Er......i live on the moon! So WTF is Eurofurence?
..ummmm coffee?

(Also Im looking for some mood icons for this place, give me a shout if you wanna make some :D )

Well not posted in a while, thought a might see how every one's doing. lol

Well This year has certainly flown by and its still going, Soon It will be The Akita and myself 1st anniversary since we became a mating couple, and i have to say I've not regretted a thing since i said yes tot he crazy dog,lol. (love you baby ; ) )

Well once again We are attempting on making our way to the one and only Eurofurence! although me being a student and the Akita not having a job means its been a very tight squeeze on getting moneys to go. We have Tickets and a hotel.
Were also hoping to attend the Epic trip the Furball Run of 2009. (hoping too)

And so with all this Im once again open for Commissions again, including limited Arabian night conbages for all who are attending EF15
(see my FA page for more details) So anyone after some art to add to there collection just PM me on FA or UKfur.

I'M also (again hoping) To be selling artwork at Auction as well. With  tons of new stuff, From canvas paintings, sketches and models, and will not be seen on FA until after EF is finished.woot Im getting more and more exited.

So Who else is planning to go to EF15? Feel Free to give me a hug if I'm in suit, I dont bite...much...lol.

Come join me at EF15!

Let me know if your going too!

What Big Cat Are You?

You Are a Black Panther
You see through people. You understand others' motives and plans.
You have a knack for predicting the future. You just know what people are going to do.

People are attracted to you. You are naturally able to influence other people's thoughts.
You have the charisma to be a beloved guru or dictator. It's all about how you handle it.
(Quiz influenced from beetlecat's page, lol) 
Never Realy see myself as the Feline speshies, but i like what it says...Makes sense with my name being Shadow an all, lol. 

Major/Quick updated needed...

Well EF14 has been and gone and all i can say is....IT WAS EPIC!! My 1st con and i did so much and met so many out there that i will never forget. Good times! So yes this year im saving up again! And also...i might! just might place a few Paintings in Auction. (Any Tips Would be Exstreamly helpfll.)

Me at EF14 woot finally got a proper photo shoot done...worth it? Definitely!
Shadow suit created by the awesome qarrezel from www.clockworkcreature.com/

New personal projects for this year:

  • Go to EF15
  • Get my full wolf suit by www.clockworkcreature.com/
  • Make my own Fursuit
  • Finish my comic (...Shu! its a secret!)
  • And most of all! Get as many commissions as possible so i can Afford all of the above, lol

Special Thanks, to my wonderful mate AK the Akita who will also be joining me for EF15, which by then it will be a year that he's put up with me and not run off yet ;) he he, Elephant shoe baby!

So that's a quick update,
New commissioners keep coming and going (thank you all)

hope to keep this up and also hoping to pass uni this year (I had to redo this year again...coz i suck...and almost gave up half way coz everything went wrong..hopefully not this Time!

ART Update:

Drunken nights
did this 5 months ago...dunno if i put it here. *shrug*

come rain or shine
did this for my Awsome Akita mate AK-Akita (elephant shoe!!!!)

Kanoa The Sexy lion..coming to a comic soon!
Kanoa the Laied back Cat Who just loves to surf where ever theres a wave he will try to ride it.

Party with furends
He also likes to Party! lol.

All Artwork deplayed are © to senka Lupita (Do not Steel!)

Well thats it for now...Im le tierd so i shall take a nap and then ...er....PART! and so should everyone!

All comments on art, or Tips on selling art at a con and even just random chatting Are all welcome!

 Shadster Over and out!


He  he, I should really keep this journal busyness up to date, Lol.
Anyways Yup yup! Im getting more and more Exited as well as more and more nervous because in 4 weeks time I'll be cruisin down the road with the Fur Ball Convoy.

I'll be with Ak in his Super duper AKita-Mobile, and im sure will be zooming through France, Belgium (stoping half way) and then Germany where are destination is Eurofurence!!! YAY!
So if you see a looong line of  colourfull cars and suiters coming your way wave and this Wolfy will be happy to Howl back.
Im hoping to get my body suit done before i go off to EF, My ultimate fancy costume for Shadow is a Ringmaster Costume! :D
Blame Panic!, my obsession for top hats and the Brer rabbit books. So watch out Shadow the Ring master Might be about EF To whip you into shape Muhahha.

Im really surprised im actually going to my 1st Furcon EVER!! I was meant to go to AC but bailed out coz of money problems, but hay my 21st Birthday came on the 23rd June and went So i gained a "bit" of Money and just enough for EF, so im a happy wolfess.

Right now im meant to be off into town to sort some much needed things 2 do from from my 2 do list.
Im hoping to finish off a few paintings and sneak them off into the Auction. Since its my 1st meet i didn't wants to do the hole artist  ally stuff  mostly coz  i have know idea how it works, plus i doubt anyone would come to my table for art. lol.

Anyways i best get into town :P
So My BIG Question to all you FURs Out There it WHO'S GOING TO EF 14??!!!!

Birthday good, government bad!

Yay 21 i can drink in the US woot!
Well im another year older :P infact im now 21 and have been since the 23rd june. lol.
Had a g8 day with family and friends, wasn't anything big but then i prefurd having a bit of a rest from chaos.

Got a New Camcorder for uni
Adoption of the awesome Ethiopian wolves From born Free.
Helping the wolf pack Sodata.
Its so hard to believe that thees wonderful Wolves of Africa are so rare that there's only about 500 left in the wild.
so im glad to be apart of the pack and help them get through.

More DvDs and Fun Stuff! lol

I also got loads of cash for EF in August!! woot!!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy 21st birthday!!!
Hugs to all!!

Ok now of the dipressing news of the UK 2day. Goverment Rising money cost, everything apart from wages!!!
omg Why!

Im back in Swansea now and once again im struggling with cash. The freaking government doesn't help by rising Everything but ppl wages, so there's gonna be a lot more angry mid class ppl stressing them selves out, and prob all because the government wanna build more guns for the military or something that wont benefit us at all and will just leave us in more debt and unhappiness.

I wish there was something we could do, but i doughy anyone would risk there everyday life. In the words of scar "life's not fear is it.."
Im really staring to think that this world is becoming more and more worse with money and war. I would like to see maybe one day in my life time, a day or a year where the wold war would stop. The only way that would happen if humanity didn't exist. There is no such thing a Paradise, because there's always someone who wants to control it (wolf rain).

Well im gonna live my life (anyway i can)

thanks for reading,

Well Its now Summer Holidays once more, in a few weeks time i will be 21 (OMG IM GETTING OLD), but so far i think my birthday is just gonna be like every other birthday, 1. because i have no money to have a big birthday bash. 2. my folks don't have enough money 3. I don't evan know what i want coz all i keep worrying about is:

 Have i passed this year of Uni?

How am i going to have money for rent when no one will give me a job?

and Will i be Going to EF this year?

I'v been trying to get my mind of thees things, i know there important but there dragging me down with bad thoughts, I've not been happy in the past month now, I'm more bad tempered than i should be. I dunno....Is this whats meant to happen when you grow up and live in the big wide world.

You never feel happy again unless you have money to spend and know that you have enough for rent, food and Bills. I have enjoyed my 1st year surviving in a house with my 4 amigos (even if they are annoying sometimes)  Iv learnt a lot about myself and others and how hard life is so far.
I'v not done very well with my studies due to Laziness and lack of inspiration. This year i became more and more involved with the furry community and felt apart of a place where i belong. I Do commissions every moth or so (still could do with a few more costumers but hay its ok for my 1st year) I'm An Artist but i never wanted it to be my main job, that why i wanted to be an Animator, I live to bring things to life., but when you can't be arsed to go into classes for use the uni's PCs coz your is shitty,  Its no wonder  you get bad grades. 

I'm not Afraid of redoing the year, I'm more worried about how much it all going to cost me in the  long term.  That and  i'll miss all my class m8s that 'v known for  2 years now.  when they finish there 3rd year i'll still be in uni saying ood bye to them...kinda upsets me how many ppl you meet through your life time, not knowing how long there gonna be there for.

Well i best get back to my commissions and hopefully make my own mood Images. Its a thing on my 2 do list anyways, lol.

If any one wants to chat, or just give me advice on how to boost my commissions or just on my view on life atm, feel free to type im all ears.

In the mean time, here's some resent Pics iv done

Kanoa Riding the wave

Kanoa Riding the wave

Gears of war Shadow
Gears of war shadow
(Gears of war gun (c) to Creators)


 Ak!!!! Im sooo Bored right now, Im ment to be finishing work for next monday. I'v dont non of it because,

1. My laptop os a pices of shit and keeps shuting down for no reason, other than what i can think if is Exstreem Over heeting >:(

2. I can't use anyone elses PC coz there workin gon there work 24, and I dont like to be a nusence to other people.

3. I would Go to the Uni PCs but half the time they dont work, or the onse that do dont let me download the right things.

4. Half the stuff I'v been working on for a YEAR!!! My Laptop has Compleetly Whiped of the Computer.

So all together I feel like i sould just give up on Animation, Coz Its pirtty oviois im not going to be in the 3rd year of Uni, wich meens i'll be behind all my friends that i know and live with, and also it will meen i will own the bank even more debt after I'v finnished Uni.

all i can think of atm is when my fursiut will come. So then i can just hide myself and my emotions just like i always do.

Why dose everything in life have to be so hard to acomplish, I really do envy some animals ways of life, it might be short coz danger is always around the corner, but atlest they get to chill out with family or sleep for as long as they can. Humans have to get up, lern stuff, ern money as well as having a sosle life (coz without it we Go Phicotc or Depresed) then once we Try and acomplish are lifes dream, we then become old and decreped and die of a heart atack or lownlyness.

Sorry to be all Ranting Emo like, but im just at a piont right now, where im asking, why?...Why am i doing this? Hho am i doing this for?

there was a time ages back when i loved to learn, was always wanting to acheve goles, and creat things just so i could be a Animator. I still want to be an Animator, but recently so much bull shit has happend that makes me feel like its worth nothing, I dont hand in work on the dead line, a give up too soon, im always thinking of somthing elce that waht im ment to be thinking.

....... Half this writing you might not understand, because this time, im not doing to use spell check, this is how i write, its how i'v always writen.


I just..dont know what to do anymore, I draw art coz i enjoy it, i wanted to do animation becasue i thought i'd enjoy it, and half of me is saying, its wonderfull breathing life into somthing you created, i supose its that kinda godlike feel, of seeing somthing live and grow, knowing that its there because you created it. I still love it,....but then the other side to me says,...is this what you realy want. My answer is, I dont know.


what should i do? Is it too late to get into the 3rd year of uni, if not what do i do ten? give up? or keep going?


I hate the human mind!!

how many out there are having this same strugle as i am?
what should i do to solve it.
I'v been thinking ov maybe seeing someone, but i feel stupid thinking of doing it, but i know it kinda works for some people, talking to compleet straingers, just to feel a tittle relefe.

I'v always been a listner never a talker, i'v helped people with there problems, but never had the help myslef.

*paces up and down*

I just hope they dont resolve to all that crappy meds and stuff, i hate taking meds. :( not my thing, i like to think the body and mind is stronger than that.

If anyone has any thing they want to say, say it here. Im soo bored right now, normaly when i get bored i start to think too much and do to little to stop my mind from digging myself in a howl.


I want to be free!!!